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My name is Saskia and I am a year 6 student in Melbourne.  When I am not at school, I play netball and tennis, and on the weekends I like to go down to my local park with my friends or watch Netflix movies at home with my family.

I am also a very passionate music student and spend a lot of my time singing, playing piano and composing songs with my singing teacher.


At the end of 2019, during my year 5 curriculum, we spent a term learning about sustainability and had to think of solutions to these problems.

Learning about this, the plastic problem really stood out to me and made me worried about how this was going to impact my life and my children or grandchildren.  Thinking about this a lot, every day I noticed how people were putting plastic into the wrong bins: At school girls were confused or couldn’t be bothered or didn’t  stop to think about it.  At my park near my house, there is only 1 bin for everything.  On the High Street of my village, there are mostly only 1 type of bin for people to use…. Every where I looked, people were  putting plastics into bins designated for landfill.

I talked to some people about this and they said it was too hard, or too confusing or just not available for them to do the right thing, and that made me want to come up with a solution to fix this.

If we make it hard, confusing and complicated, less people will be willing to do it.

And that’s how I came up with my idea of a robotic bin, The Bot Bin, to recycle all plastics.  It’s a recycling hub that sorts, washes and squashes plastics ready for recycling and reuse.  A solution to dispose of all their plastics, not just some, and avoid them going into landfill.


My goal is to find investors or corporations who would be interested to talk with me to bring this idea to life.

With so much development to accommodate our rising populations, The Bot Bin could be of real benefit to developers to reduce their carbon footprint and provide an easy and ethical solution for tenants and landlords.

Together, as members of our communities and citizens of our world, we need to develop and implement easy solutions for our plastic problem.

Together, we can make a difference.

And as my step-dad says, together we are stronger.



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