Recycling Plastic Waste

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The Plastic Problem

Is this picture frightening?

So many of our every day items are plastic with people not thinking twice about disposing of them in ordinary garbage.  It is too easy to think “oh woops, that won’t matter, it is just one thing”.  But times that by millions of people every day making the same careless mistake and look where we are: our mounting plastic recycling problems.

  • plastic in our oceans
  • plastic on our beaches
  • plastic killing our wildlife
  • toxic water and land

We need plastic waste solutions that work and that can work fast.

Plastic Problem Solution

That is where The Bot Bin comes in.  

The Bot Bin is a real and viable solution to combat our mounting plastic problems.   It makes recycling an easy part of every day life, removes confusion and frustration and can be adapted to different areas and communities.

I am hoping to generate interest in my recycling concept and to find investors to roll out this concept for use in communities, schools  and residential and commercial developments to make recycling easy and efficient.

In so many countries, states, communities, recycling isn’t working.  Plastic is still being dumped into landfill.

This is what we all need:  an easy solution that we can make part of our every day life, from the very young to the older citizens.  And we need this now.  

More to come!






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