What Is The Bot Bin

An Easy Solution for Recycling All Plastics

The Bot Bin is a robotic bin concept to combat our mounting plastic problem.

The Bot Bin is a collection facility that seeks to make recycling plastic easier, encouraging greater innovation on how to reuse and therefore avoid plastics ending up in landfill.

It’s a one stop solution to enable recycle all plastics.

Sort. Wash. Squash.

The Bot Bin has three main functions.

Sort: Like a self-serve kiosk at the supermarket, The Bot Bin incorporates the same technology to sort plastic by type by scanning the bar code. In the instance there is no bar code, the item can be input manually.

Upon recognition of the type of plastic, The Bot Bin opens a hole applicable to that type of plastic.

Wash: Upon entry into the bin, the bin will perform a short, high pressure clean.

Squash: After being cleaned, a mechanism within the bin will squash the plastics to allow maximum input and therefore less frequent emptying.

The Plastics are now Clean & Sorted, ready for colleciton & reuse for a higher purpose.


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