Who Can Benefit From The Bot Bin

The Bot Bin is a one stop solution for all communities and businesses.

It’s  a collection facility streamlining the collection and sorting process.

The Bot Bin seeks to encourage innovation for the recycling and reuse of plastic products and how recycling looks in our central infrasctures in communities in the modern world.

Residential and Commercial Developments – Housing Estates & High Rises

With increasing populations and an increase in housing estate developments, The Bot Bin provides the estates with an efficient, central solution for plastic waste.


The Bot Bin could also provide an effective solution for plastic waste disposal in high rise developments with possibilty to generate secondary business streams between developer and End Users of the sorted & washed plastics.

Tram & Train Stations – Parks & Playgrounds

By placing The Bot Bin in high traffic and recreational areas, it forms part of people’s daily habits to recycle their plastic waste.  These areas faciliate larger style bins such as The Bot Bin for a greater wate collection and therefore efficient collection for the End User.  Councils and governments have the opportunity for further revenue streams or parnterships with the End User that seeks to innovatively reuse the already sorted and washed and easily collected plastics.

Schools and Universities

The Bot Bin would form part of the infrastructure at schools. By doing so, recycling plastic becomes part of the educational program for school students to take responsibility for their plastic waste for a sustainable future. It also imparts valuable teamwork and leadership skills.

Council Depot

Collection for recycling is made easy and efficient


The Bot Bin is a viable and simple solution that has the ability to be rolled out across many types of infrastructure.

By doing this, it provides 1 solution for our communities which they understand and can easily incorporate into their daily lives so that recycling plastic becomes a habit.

When it becomes a habit it is more likely to be successful meaning less plastic in landfill and more ready for recycling and reuse.

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