Why Do We Need The Bot Bin

Recycling Plastic faces Two Hurdles:  Correct Consisent Disposal & Reuse

Correct Consistent Disposal

When I started researching about our plastic problem, I observed people and different councils around me.

Walking around Victoria and South Australia I noticed that many Parks, High Streets, Malls and Train Stations didn’t provide an adequate bin for plastic, or plastic bins were so overflowing that people perhaps felt they didn’t have a choice but to throw their plastic into the only other bin:  the landfill bin.

The more I looked, the more I realised that the solution has to be easy, easy enough to become a habit.

What our councils, schools, parks, transport hubs and buildings need to provide to people, is an easy, efficient solution that can become part of their daily life without too much effort or thinking.

End Market: Making Reuse Easier

Now that countries cannot export their plastics to China or Indonensia the race is on to find ways to reuse all plastics.  But this is a costly exercise where plastics are either not sorted or not in the desired clean state.

The Bot Bin seeks to overcome this problem by sorting and then cleaning at the disposal point.

Sort At The Disposal Point

Once plastic enters the wrong bin, it is too costly for councils and governments to “undo”. And therefore little chance of removing plastics from landfill, which ends up in our precious seas and beaches.

The Bot Bin uses scanning technology,  sorting for you the different plastics at the disposal entry point.  This make recycling easier for the End User.


Providing clean plastics ready for the End User is a crucial step in the process and currently is a likely costly exercise.  By providing Clean, Sorted plastic, The Bot Bin provides a cost effective solutions for a range of businesses to innovately reuse plastics for a higher purpose.


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